Nebo Afterschool Clubs

ALL Students Are Invited to Join Nebo Afterschool Clubs

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After school clubs are about to begin - come join the fun with the different options we have available.

Every day before school starts we have the Catch Up & Keep Up club.  Meet in Ms. Green's room.  This club helps you with catching up on homework and keeping your grades up.
All AfterSchool Clubs meet in the Lobo Den at 2:00 pm on Monday and 2:45 pm Tuesday - Friday 
Here is what we offer:
On Monday there is Card Making Club.  Come learn different techniques for hand-crafted cards.
On Tuesday there is your choice of Chess Club or Dungeons & Dragons.  Come improve your skills and compete against your friends.
On Wednesday there is your choice of STEM Club: Coding and Robotics or German Club, come learn some of the German language and make lots of German food!
On Thursday there is your choice of Magic the Gathering Club or Improv Club, come learn how to do improv and play a variety of improv games!
On Friday there is Meditation Club.  Come learn methods to help deal with stress and anxiety.