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ALL Students Are Invited to Join Nebo Afterschool Clubs

 Attention all Parents and Students: Registration for 3rd Term Nebo Afterschool Clubs will be starting TOMORROW JAN. 4th, 2017.  3rd term clubs will begin Tuesday, Jan. 17 on the first day of 3rd term.  Students can pick up a registration form in the front office.  Once the form is filled out and signed by a parent/guardian the form needs to be turned in to Mrs. Gross in the front office ASAP in order to have a spot saved for them in the club of their choice.  All Clubs are on a first come first serve basis.  Once clubs are full your students name will be added to a waiting list and they will be placed in the club only if a spot becomes available.  

 Clubs start at 2:45 pm and will run until 4:15 pm daily.

Students can join as many clubs as they would like but are limited to one club per day, so look through the list and see what clubs interest you most.  

 Clubs will begin each day by meeting in the Lobo Den right after school for a snack and student check in, and then students will go to their selected club with their assigned teacher for all the fun and festivities! 

 If you have any questions please feel free to contact Eric Ferrin at: 

 3rd Term Clubs Offered:


  • Early Morning Homework Help sponsored by Mrs. Green in Room #34 beginning at 7:00and ending at 7:30.  Please come and get the extra help and support you need in order to succeed in all of your classes!


  • Ukulele sponsored by Mr. Provstgaard.  Students will learn basic chords and strumming techniques. We have a limited number of ukuleles that will be provided, or students can also bring their own ukulele if they have one. We will also try to learn a handful of simple but beautiful songs. Come join!


  • Russian Club sponsored by Mr. Lawrence. We will discuss and experience the Russian language, Russian culture, and even some current events about Russia. Fear not, comrades. We will have fun regardless of how difficult the alphabet looks.


  • Eligibility Made Easy Club sponsored by Mrs. Swenson.  Do you want to play sports, go to assemblies and field trips but deficient grades and detention stands in your way? Suffer no more and join the "Eligibility made Easy Club".  This club will allow you to boost your grades and serve detention credit all in one! If you commit to come each time, the club adviser will gather missing work for you and commit to helping you complete it. The club will be Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:45-3:30.  If the student attends the club the whole time they are able to work off two tardies or 1 sluff.  Sign up and don't miss out on this excellent opportunity to get extra help with school work! ***This club is held twice weekly on both Tuesday and Thursday in the Library from 2:45 until 3:30.  This club does not stay until 4:15 like the other clubs.***


  • Dumbledore's Army: Hey Muggles, come join the Harry Potter Club on Wednesdayafternoons with Miss Dannelly. We'll create wands, sort into Houses, play Quidditch, write Howlers, watch movies, and discuss the amazing magical world and how JK Rowling created it. Don't miss out!
  • Chess sponsored by Mr. Mortimer co-sponsored by Mr. Lawrence.  Just for fun. No experience required. Anyone can join.


  • Helping Hands sponsored by Mr. Lawrence.  The schools chapter of National Junior Honor Society wants to invite all students to join us with a variety of service projects. Our projects will be both for our school, and our community, and are a ton of fun. Come be a part of something, that helps improve the lives of others.   
  • Disneyland Foods & Crafts sponsored by Mrs. Brockbank.  Do you wish you were in the Happiest Place on Earth right now?  Well, the club can't travel to Disneyland, but we can pretend! Come make some Disneyland food cook a-likes, see if you are a Disney expert with trivia games, make some crafts, and have lots of "Garsh Darn fun!" You won't want to miss out on this club!  
  • German Club sponsored by Mrs. Phillips.  We'll learn the German language, learn about German customs and culture, and eat some good German foods.
  • Board Games sponsored by Mr. Provstgaard.  Students will learn how to play new and old games. These will be fun games that students can play to learn new strategies and learn to break the ice. Games are provided.