2019-2020 Girls Basketball Team

2019-2020 Girls Basketball Team

We are excited to announce our 2019-2020 girls basketball team! Please congratulate these girls if you see them.

Hallie Bennett
Megan Binks
Kortney Congdon
Izzy Barney
Brynn Anderson
Libby Shaheen
Brett Milner
Braylee Orton
Abi Smith
Gabbie Ramirez
Aubrey Peterson

Go Lobos!

Dancing Sevies are Engaged Sevies

Story by Rillene Nielsen Film by Jaimie Dannelly

Spanish Fork Junior High students are full of surprises.  Take for example this video recently shared by seventh-grade English teacher Jaimie Dannelly.

Ms. Dannelly said that her Sevies, “dance down the hall every day on the way to my class, and they planned something special last week.”   

This says something about what it’s like here at SFJH.  Sure, it’s crazy and goofy sometimes, but when students go out of their way to make the memorable, that means they are engaged.  It means they trust and appreciate their teachers.

And their teachers appreciate them.


Math Problem of the Week

Math Problem of the Week

 A Cranberry Craving  

On Thanksgiving Thursday, Carissa ate some cranberries.  The next day she couldn’t stop thinking about how good the cranberries were and ate seven more cranberries than she had eaten on Thursday.  Each day after that she ate seven more cranberries than the day before.  By the following Wednesday she had eaten a total of 161 cranberries for the whole week. How many cranberries did Carissa eat on Thanksgiving Thursday?