Pi Day

by Julie Crookston

When most people here the word ‘pi’ they automatically think of a delicious dessert. However, here at Spanish Fork Junior High students are also taught to think of π, an irrational number. Irrational numbers are numbers that have a repeating decimal that never ends and doesn’t have a repeating pattern and there are millions upon millions of irrational numbers. So why do we dedicate an entire day to π? Two reasons. First, Π is special. Π is the ratio of a circle’s circumference (the distance around a circle) to its diameter. Thus π is used repeatedly in mathematics.

Seventh Grade Utah Studies Students Visit Antelope Island

by Lois Terry

On Thursday, March 16th, some of the 7th grade Utah Studies students went to Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake. 

While there they went to the Visitor’s Center where they were able to explore the history of Antelope Island and listen to a Utah State naturalist talk about the plants and animals they could see on the island. They also were able to hike to the top of Buffalo Point and view the panorama of the Great Salt Lake. 

Lobo Update 3/20/17


Parents, Students and Friends –

 Fourth Term Starts Today

Spring is here and so is fourth term. Let’s keep up the hard work and really finish strong all the way through May! Final report cards and honor-roll certificates for 3rd Term will be printed and coming home with students this Friday, March 24th.

 From Our PTA: March Madness Fundraiser

Thirteen SFJH Girls Earn Spots on 2017-2018 SFHS Drill Squad

by Rillene Nielsen, pictures by Leslie Swenson

Congratulation to the SFHS 2017-2018 Drill team!  Thirteen students from Spanish for Junior High were chosen team member for next year.  They are:

Emma Barrett, Mclain Gordon, Presleigh Peterson, Mylie Baum, Erin Hansen, Aleah Ryder, Matti Bennett, Sydney Hansen, Baylie Sanderson, Bailee Bills, Pieper Hess, Brandy Sensabaugh, Ashlynn Crockett, Averi Higginson, Aspen Smith, Avorie Evans, Morgan Huntington, Axuray Talbot, Maddy Francis, Abby Larsen, Taitum Tucker, Avery Garside, Emily Monroe, Jaylee Ulibarri, Belle Gordon, Melissa Monroe, Camryn Oldham, Abbey Worthen

Jamie Dannelly Voted PTA Teacher of the Year

by Gaylynn Parker

Ms. Dannelly teaches 7th Grade English at Spanish Fork Jr. High and is loved by her students. A former student Cassie Rawe said, “My favorite thing about Ms. Dannelly is that she is always happy. She is always smiling. She is just a bright person, always smiling and happy. She understands people a lot. She is really easy to talk to. I still visit her even though she is not my teacher anymore.” Rennan Anderson said, “Ms. Dannelly is always taking the time to make sure that each student can earn the grade they want. She is always happy and never lets us down. She is always smiling and happy.

Advanced Orchestra Earns Superior Rating

by Rillene Nielsen. Pictures by Angela Harman

Spanish Fork Junior High’s Advanced Orchestra recently travelled to the State Orchestra Competition where they earned superior ratings.  Way to go!!

If you are interested in listening to/watching a playlist of the competition, follow this link to our schools You Tube Channel: