School News

Band Goes Recruiting

by Jarom Hoffman

On Tuesday, February 19, 2019, the Spanish Fork Jr. High beginner band went on a recruiting trip. On that trip, they played music for sixth graders at three different elementary schools. Some band students volunteered to play a solo in front of the audience at the schools to show them what their specific instrument could do. At each school, the band went into the gym, set up their instruments, warmed up, then performed. The band did an excellent job and should expect many new students from these elementary schools next year. 

LOBO UPDATE 02/19/19


Parents, Students, and Friends -


February 19th- 7th grade students will receive their registration materials in their CCA class. Registration forms will be due on Monday, February 25th.

February 21st- 8th grade students will receive their registration materials in their US History class. Registration forms will be due on Wednesday, February 27th.

March 4th- Freshman Day at the High School

March 4th- Freshman Registration Parent Night from 6:30 to 7:30 at SFJHS.

Concurrent Enrollment Parent Information Night

On February 26th, we will be holding a Concurrent Enrollment Parent Information Night.  This is for all Parents and Students (grades 9-12). We will be covering information regarding Concurrent Enrollment classes available, Sophomore by Exception Pre-Requisites, Regents Scholarship Requirements, and more. This will be held at Spanish Fork High School in the Auditorium beginning at 6:30.  Please join us as this will be a night filled with valuable information as well as representatives available to answer one-on-one questions.   

District Science Fair

by Nate Bartholomew

Congratulations to science students at SFJHS and their successful participation at the Nebo District Science Fair!  Students presented their science research with others from the seven junior high schools and five high schools in our district.  Our students will represent 11 out of the 32 projects invited to BYU for the Central Utah Fair.  

 The awards given to SFJHS students were: 

Important Registration Dates for the 2019 / 2020 School Year

  • February 19th- 7th grade/CCA class/forms due Feb 25th.
  • February 21st- 8th grade/2nd Period Assembly/forms due Feb 27th.
  • March 4th- Freshman Day at the High School
  • March 4th- Freshman Registration Parent Night from 6:30 to 7:30 at SFJHS. 
  • March 6th-  High School registration for 9th graders during their World History/Geography class. 


Business Letters

by Jonathan Lawrence

The 7th graders in Mr. Lawrence's classes have been receiving responses to business letters they wrote and mailed before Christmas break. They practiced format and audience while either complementing or complaining about various products. This was a fun, real-life activity for the students. We have posted 60 or so of the responses on the ceiling of our bungalow. The responses have been entertaining to read as a class. Some companies have even sent coupons and gift certificates to the students! 

ALC Field Trip

by Melissa Nielson

Students from SFJH traveled to the ALC--Advanced Learning Center--Wednesday on a field trip. Our kids were able to tour the building, meet teachers and students and learn about all the programs offered there! 

Parent Night: How Electronics Impact the Human Brain

This school year Nebo School District is hosting Christy Kane, PhD, CMHC. There will be Parent Nights throughout the district this school year. On FEBRUARY 25, 2019 AT 7PM at Salem Hills High School, Dr. Kane will present clinical experience and scientific research to explain changes that take place in developing brains due to electronics. Please follow the link below for more information.