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1st Annual SFJH Zombie Haiku Contest Winners 2010

Submitted by david.thacker on Thu, 11/04/2010 - 10:53
by: Joe Anson

7th Grade:

 the zonmbies of death—

the smell of decaying flesh

drives them to a craze


If you really think

That the undead are that bad,

Meet my family.

                                -Trevyn Zobell


Zombies in the barn

Ripping children to pieces

Blood was everywhere

                                -Kalie Carson


8th Grade:

zombies have no souls

a zombie has no conscience

they kill for pleasure

                                -Sariah Lee


Zombies in my house

Expecting gross things to eat

I gave them my sis

                                -Brady Bott


zombies are starving

rabid need for juicy flesh

looking for a meal

                                -Elizabeth Mitchell


9th Grade:

Headhunter Freddy

Has a deal on shrunken heads:

Two heads for your one.

                                -Brett Roberts


Here come the Zombies.

I suggest to run and hide.

Nope, you got slaughtered.

                                -Jeron Lawrence


Smashing my bloody

Head, banging against the wall

Won’t you dine with me?

-          Kylie Sweeney


 waiting and watching

Halloween zombies can pose

as lawn ornaments

                                -Mr. Ferrin


Putrid flesh dangles

From rotten teeth of the undead

Who traipse through graveyards

                                -Mrs. Hayward


a zombie walks in

realizes no brains here

Mr. Thacker’s class

                                -Mr. Thacker