February 2013

Early Morning Jazz Band

Every morning around seven o’clock, Jazz Band students come to school.  Hand-picked by SFJHS band teacher Mr. Wendell picks, students learn then perform Jazz music.  Currently, they are working on songs entitled Doxy, Martinique, All Blues, and Plunger Power.

The Lobo Howl asked Mr. Wendell what the students have to do in order to get into Jazz Band.  “Students need to be well disciplined, be good musicians, they need to have a love for music, and they need to be brave in order to do solos,” he explained. 

Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Dave Huff

Daxton Davis

The Lobo Howl has chosen Mr. David Huff for our Teacher Spotlight this month.  We are very grateful for his work at Spanish Fork Junior High.

Mr. Huff grew up in Benjamin, Utah and went to Benjamin Elementary. His favorite class was band, and his favorite grade was 12th.

Education: Why It’s Important

Sawyer Hamilton

School can be very stressful with all of the assignments in class, grades, homework you do, and the drama that unfolds when your GPA is too low for your parents to accept. These problems are just a few of the factors that cause people to despise education.  As a result, some choose to stop caring about school while others decide to learn anything at all. 

Have you ever thought in depth about just how important our education is in our lives, to the survival to of our nation, or even to the survival of the world?

Teacher of the month - Russ LeMmon

Russ LeMmon is our teacher of the month at Spanish Fork Junior High. He has taught social studies for the past 12 years. He currently teaches geography and world civilizations to 9th grade students and Utah Studies to 7th grade students.Mr. LeMmon is a true gentlemen and an outstanding role model for our students.He is great to work with and is willing to help others.

Science Fair Winners

At the School Science fair in the high school division Nathan Leis and Brayden Critchfield took first place, 2nd place was Daniel Stodtmeister and Bridger Baum, 3rd was Lincoln Morris.  In the 8th grade division 1st place Talia Mckinney, 2nd place was Amanda Easter, and 3rd place was Madison Price and Kassidy Groves.  Thanks to all those that participated. 

We Are The Champions

Coach Gub

Congratulations to Creed Sermershem, Daniel Stodtmeister, Logan Rudd, and Aiden Swenson (pictured left to right) for being Intramural Badminton Champs!  Logan and Aiden won the regular season by posting a stellar 10-1 record.  Creed and Daniel won the Badminton Tournament by dominating the competition with six wins.  Thanks to those kids who showed and participated.