September 2014

Math Problems of the Week - 9/8/14

Our Math Problem of the Week is:

The dinosaur museum is offering special back-to-school rates for September, October and November. If you and your brother want to go to the museum eight times during these three months, which one plan should you use and when should you go to save the most money?

Museum Special Rate Plans

Plan A: Pay $2.75 per person to visit the museum.

Plan B: Monthly membership is $7.50 for each person, but you can go as many times as you like during the month.

Math Problems of the Week - 9/2/14


Our 2nd Math Problem of the Week is:

You have been asked to be a part of a running club by one of your friends. There are 12 members in your club. The 12th day of each month, you have a friendship call to encourage everyone. Each member of the club talks to every other member that day by phone. How many conversations are made on that day?  How many conversations occur each year?

The students who answered correctly were: Mason Olson, Morgan Olson, Alyse Bundy, Hailey Olson, Jon Coons, and Kaden Holt

Lobo Update 9/3/14

Parents, Students and Friends - 

Bus Lane Safety Concern
Because of ongoing safety concerns from students exiting cars in the bus lane, we ask parents to please not use the bus lane in front of the school for student pick up/drop off.  We ask that instead you use only the north or south parking lots. These parking lots are designed to facilitate a circular traffic pattern which makes using them as a drop off/pick up zone convenient and much safer. Your help with this important safety issue is appreciated.