March 2015

Winners from last weeks math problem, and the new problem of the week


The Garden Problem  ANSWER:  $108.00 

Winners: Kyle Bartlett , Mr. Lawrence, Daxton Davis, Jordan DeYoung, Andrew Gunyan, Brock Johnson, Maddy Johnson, Robert LaPray, Jamison Massey, Mason Olson

TV Problem

Many television screens are rectangles that are measured by the length of their diagonals.  The ratio of the horizontal length to the height in a standard television screen is 4:3.  What are the horizontal and vertical lengths of a “27-inch” television screen?  (Hint:  Pythagoreas may have the solution)

Lobo Update 3/4/15


Parents, Students and Friends

 End of Third Term

Please note that the end of the term is coming up quickly, on Thursday March 19th.  That is just two weeks away. Students: Please check with teachers to get any missing work gathered, completed and turned in by each teacher’s cutoff date (usually several days before that last day of the term). Parents: please encourage students to work with their teachers to get any missing work or tests finished.  Together we can achieve high levels of student success!

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