September 2015

Real World Problems, Real World Learning

by Rillene Nielsen and Eric Ferrin, pictures by Eric Ferrin

Students often complain, “I don’t see how I’ll ever need to know this.”  But in Mr. Ferrin’s math class, 9th grade Spanish Fork Junior High students use the mathematical concepts they are learning to solve real world problems.

Today students were learning about proportion and scale.  Using tape measures and working in groups, students measured the dimensions of the classroom, the tables and desks, and then drew a to-scale floor plan of Mr. Ferrin’s math lab.  Included in the plan was a legend that indicated the scale students used.

Playing Corn Hole Leads to Understanding Integers

by Rillene Nielsen & Eric Ferrin, Pictures by Eric Ferrin

The question facing Erin Egbert, a7th grade math teacher at SFJH, was this: “How can I help my students understand integers—the set of whole numbers and their opposites?”  Positive and negative numbers an often confuse students, so Ms. Egbert needed to turn on the creativity to create the engagement needed for solid understanding.

What did she do?  She had her students play Corn Hole!  Also known as Tailgate and Doghouse, this uniquely American game I played by throwing bags of corn at a raised platform with a hole in the far end. Points are scored in a variety of ways.

Lobo Update 9/2/15


Parents, Students and Friends –

 PTA Reflections Contest

All students are invited and encouraged to participate in this year’s Reflections contest. The theme is: Let Your Imagination Fly - Entries are due by October 2, 2015. Pick up an application in the front office or Miss Holley’s room. Contest categories include: Dance Choreography – Film Production – Literature – Music Composition – Photography – Visual Arts. Do something amazing this year; participate in Reflections!

 Time to Get Protected Against Seasonal Influenza!