October 2015

SFJHS FFA Places at Competition

Chaleesa Warren

The FFA traveled to Snow College for judging competitions this week on Tuesday Oct 6th.  Spanish Fork Jr. High had 3 teams competing. Each competition consisted of evaluating classes of animals based on criteria that is valued in the eyes of producers all over the country.   

Horse Evaluation 

  • Joseph Sullivan
  • Demi Hunter
  • John Sawka
  • Christina Hutchings

Dairy Cattle

Cross Country

Esther Zacharias

Oct. 2, 2015- The Lobo cross country team went up against Mapleton Jr. and Springville Jr. in the last season race of the year. Our team did another great job! The first five Lobo boys across the finish line were Spencer Bailey (9:19), Ethan Binks (9:32), Coleman Crockett (9:33), Daxton Fredericks (9:42), and Brad Dixon (9:45). The first five Lobo girls were Josie Wright (11:01), Emma Runolfson (11:17), Hannah Oldham (11:49), Madalyn Gull (11:52), and Rainie Gardner (11:54). These athletes, along with all the entire Lobo cross country team has worked very hard this season.

Winners from last weeks math problem, and the new problem of the week


The Subway Wheels Problem

Answer: It would be more cost effective to get the rust-proofing done.  Without the rust-proofing the cost is $17.50 per wheel per year and with the rust-proofing the cost is $16.66 per wheel per year. Winners: Broc Bennett, Dexter Bradford, Tiffany Chan, Phoenix Collins, Porter Hall, Rylan Harrison, Taggert Harrison, David Heap, Peter Heap, Xander Henry, Breanna Hunt, Callie Johnson, Maddy Johnson, Tracee Jones, Noah Lane, Nathan Lawrence, JJ Marsigli, Keven Paladini, Davis Paxton, Morganne Price, and Aspen Seamons.