March 2016

Señor Moss Chosen as Outstanding Educator


Congratulations to Señor Moss for receiving the Outstanding Educator Award for PTA Region 10 (Nebo, Provo, Tintic & Juab districts)!  He is recognized for the positive impact he makes in the lives of those around him, Spanish 1 & 2 students he teaches, coaching the tennis team, and so much more.  He was nominated by our SFJHS PTA Presidency and his students. He was recognized for this awesome accomplishment today during a PTA luncheon by the Region 10 PTA VP and will now advance to the State level. Way to go Señor Moss!   

Rodeo Clown Counsels Students Against Bullying

by Rillene Nielsen

Rodeo clown JJ Harrison doesn’t kid around when it comes to bullying. In an assembly on Friday, March 4, 2016, JJ taught students how to “buck bullies out of their lives.”

He explained how students could tell the difference between bullying and simple teasing.  Bullying is “repeated aggressive behavior with an imbalance of power” he taught.  Then he offered five steps students could take to ensure they are not acting like bullies.

Student Uses Science to Help His Tennis Team

by Rillene Nielsen with Travis Moss

One Spanish Fork Junior High tennis player combined his love of tennis and science to create one cool science fair project!  Now that project is working to benefit the SFJH Lobo tennis team.

Bryson Dafoe knows how playing with a flat, low pressure tennis ball can affect your game.  So he came up with a brilliant idea—wouldn’t it be great if the team had a place to store tennis balls that would not only keep them at optimal pressure, but would also re-pressurize balls that were losing their bounce?

FFA Week

By: Katelyn Beckstead

Last week FFA chapters across the nation celebrated National FFA week. Spanish Fork definitely went above and beyond.  We had a week full of activities, food, and service projects!  To start out the week, the Jr. High Officers spent the morning giving muffins to all faculty members to show our appreciation for being such great teachers and to thank them for knowing how to handle Jr. High students.

Winners from last weeks math problem, and the new problem of the week


Pythagoras Saves the Day 

We can find Harper’s and Salina’s respective walking distances by using the Pythagorean Theorem. The walking distance is the hypotenuse of the right triangle formed by the driving distances. We can write the distance Harper walks home as √(32 + 72) = √58 7.6 km, and the distance Salina walks home as √(22 + 52) = √29 5.4 km. From here, we can determine that Harper walks 7.6 – 5.4 = 2.2 km farther than Salina.


Holden Bayless

20 of 47 Nebo Students Invited to BYU Science Fair Are From SFJH

by Nate Bartholomew

Our SFJHS students were very successful at the district science fair last Wednesday!  Out of the 47 students invited to the BYU science fair from Nebo School District (including all junior and senior high schools), 20 are from Spanish Fork Junior High.

In the 8th grade division, Mallory Bingham took 2nd place and the team of Wayne Blaylock, Jamison Massey and Carter Flory took 3rd place.  Additionally Treven Marler and Abby Larsen won cash prizes in the environmental science Category.