September 2017

Career Discussion Interests Students

by Travis Palfreyman with Rillene Nielsen Pictures by Travis Palfreyman

Every day, between second and third period, SFJH students have the opportunity to attend either enrichment or academic intervention activities during Pack Time.

 Today, a group of interested students attended a presentation by Blake and Cindy Bradford where they learned about Nursing and Law Enforcement careers. 

 Thank you Bradfords for sharing their expertise with us!

Service is the Heart of FFA

Story and pictures by Chaleesa Warren

FFA Students participated in a service project on Thursday evening at the Spanish Fork Fairgrounds.  FFA students cleaned up trash around the grounds and cleaned dirt out of the gutters.

Students participate in events at the fairgrounds all year long.  They can be found judging contests, participating in stock shows, banquets and rodeos. FFA is happy to help keep the fairgrounds looking nice.

FFA believes in living the Lobo Way!

SFJH Student Captains Attend Conference

Story and pictures by Garrett Johnson with Rillene Nielsen

On September 20th, students from Spanish Fork Junior High representing the various fall sports and the Student Council were invited to attend an awesome leadership conference and receive instruction from some very influential people.

Captain’s Academy is a fantastic leadership experience for young people.  The fall sport athlete captains representing SFJH were Spencer Larsen- Cross Country, Staci Lomenick- Cross Country, Noah Taylor- Golf, and McKenna Crook- Tennis.  Max MaKenzie attended representing Student Council. 

SFJHS Marvelous Milers!

Last week the PE classes ran the timed mile. Students had been building up to this for the first few weeks of school. Everybody who participated worked hard and did a great job! 

The top times for each PE teacher are:


FACS news

By Kris Kelly

Mrs. Kelly's FACS (Family And Consumer Science) Exploration classes have been learning about Values, Goals, Decision Making, Table Setting and Good Manners.  On Thursday they practiced their good manners with an Etiquette dinner.  SFJH students rocked it!

Hikers See Cave of Wonders On Annual Scramble

Story and pictures by Garrett Johnson

Sixty-one brave souls came out for the annual fall hike up the Mt. Loafer Switchbacks, on Thursday Sept. 14th. 

The weather was cloudy and cool as they loaded the bus to head to the trail head.  The hikers traveled to Woodland Hills where they tackled the Mt. Loafer Switch backs, a 3 mile round trip journey. 

Minimal Day Schedule


Monday, September 18, 2017


1) 8:00 - 8:25 -25 min

2) 8:30 - 8:55 - 25 min

3) 9:00 - 9:25 - 25 min

4) 9:30 - 9:55 - 25 min

5) 10:00 - 10:25 - 25 min

6) 10:30 - 10:50 - 20 min

7) 10:55 - 11:15 - 20 min

After School Clubs

After school clubs are about to begin - come join the fun with the different options we have available.

On Monday we have an Improv club- come learn how to do improv and play a variety of improv games after school.

On Tuesday we have chess club - improve your skills and compete against your friends.

On Wednesday we have an Art club - explore a variety of different art techniques.

On Thursday we have an Anime club- look and see all the different types of anime and make your own!