October 2018

Math Problem of the Week


Dog Run Problem

Answer:  No...it is 99% of the old.

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Shakespeare Competition

By: Tremaine Lomax pictures by Allyson Jones

Day One:

We left at 9:30 on Thursday and after a two and a half hour bus ride we got to SUU (Southern Utah University) for a tour of the campus.  After that, we went to the gift shop, took some pictures, then went to the hotel and chilled. 

 Another bus ride took us to the Tuacahn Center for the Arts, but this one was only a hour long.  We saw “Matilda.”  It was amazing--lots of twists I was not expecting.  Overall I had a fun time.

 We drove back to our hotel and “slept”.

 Day Two: 

Spanish Fork Junior High FFA Participates in Career Training

by Chaleesa Warren

FFA students traveled to Snow College to compete in 4 events on Tuesday October 9th:  Horse Evaluation, Livestock Evaluation, Agriculture Mechanics and Veterinary Science.

Students got hands on experience for a career in one of these fields including handling live animals, veterinary practicums and math calculations. This was the first contest of the year! Students are looking forward to more Career Development Events this school year.

World History Classes Reconstruct Roman Aqueducts—Out of Garbage!

story by Rillene Nielsen and Shea Harmer pictures by Shea Harmer

Mrs. Harmer is at it again!  First her student made Roman Temples out of school supplies.  Now they are building aqueducts out junk!  As you can tell by the photos, engagement was high as students learned how the ancient Romans got their water.

“My world history class built Roman aqueducts out of trash today,” reported Mrs. Harmer, “and they had an awesome time. They had to build it over 2 desks and have a ping pong ball go through it and land on a paper plate at the bottom without falling off. This simulated Roman aqueducts.”


by Brooklyn Redd

It was 1:30 p.m. The Spanish Fork Junior High Cross Country team had just been excused from class, 6th period. The team left class and went down to the locker room to change. The team got on the bus, all wearing their uniforms, and were driven to Springville Jr. High. Once they had arrived they piled up their backpacks and walked the course. Because of all the recent rain, the course was really marshy. After walking the course, the team got out a volleyball and a soccer ball and  played around with that for a while.


by Evan Campbell

Do you have a dream of becoming a famous actor or musician? Well, many students have just that chance in the Spanish Fork High School Musical, She Loves Me!


Parents, Students, and Friends -


CONSTRUCT YOUR OWN LEARNING AND KNOW WHEN TO FOLLOW with your learning. This is part of LEARNING TO LEARN WITH PASSION, part of our school’s vision. Everyone learns at different levels using different strategies to remember. How do you learn best?  Come to the office and share your experience with Mr. Christensen, Mrs. LeMmon, or Mr. Mortensen for a small treat! 


Advanced PE Students Tries to Become Four Square Rage Monsters

by Garrett Johnson with Rillene Nielsen pictures by Garrett Johnson

Four Square was a major hit this week in Advanced PE. 

Many competitive games came right down to the wire.  In the end everyone involved had an awesome time.  Coach Johnson was the only one to Rage Monster throughout the week! 

What a great time!

** Note to Coach Johnson—What in the world is “Rage Monster-ing” in Four Square?  Please explain.