November 2018

Oompa Loompa

by Garrett Johnson

This week in Advanced PE some of the students were introduced to a new sport.  OOMPA LOOMPA!  Oompa Loompa is a fun, fast paced game that combines elements of both football and basketball into one.  The students that played had a great time!!!

LOBO UPDATE 11/05/18


Parents, Students, and Friends -


We will be starting our College and Career Readiness Meetings with our 8th grade students and their parents this week. Students will meet with their counselor to discuss high school graduation requirements, college and career goals and scholarships. Please watch for an email from the counseling office today to schedule your appointment!


Fall Dance and Carnival

by Ava Nakai

Carnival and Dance!  So much fun was had by all who attended.  Students were able to win prizes and treats while having a blast!  Also, the kids were able to get their groove on and listen to their favorite songs with the live DJ that came to rock out!  The students were able to share their talents with their classmates at our dance while getting rewards for them. If you are a good cup pong player, you could win a bottle of gatorade!  If you are a good frisbee player, you could win quite a bit of candy! And if you are a good golfer, you could win some fabulous prizes! 

Math Problem of the Week



Binders Winners


Mark—Red,  Alexa—Pink,  Kristin—Purple,  Jack—Blue,  Kyle—Green

 Andrew Hult

Austin Ray

Cambry Wangsgard

Cayten Chinen

Chris Stephenson

Cora Hansen

Jacob Insalaco

Jocelyn Hansbrow

Joseph Piazzola

Joshua Graham

Katelynne Little

Kendall Gardner