February 2019

Business Letters

by Jonathan Lawrence

The 7th graders in Mr. Lawrence's classes have been receiving responses to business letters they wrote and mailed before Christmas break. They practiced format and audience while either complementing or complaining about various products. This was a fun, real-life activity for the students. We have posted 60 or so of the responses on the ceiling of our bungalow. The responses have been entertaining to read as a class. Some companies have even sent coupons and gift certificates to the students! 

ALC Field Trip

by Melissa Nielson

Students from SFJH traveled to the ALC--Advanced Learning Center--Wednesday on a field trip. Our kids were able to tour the building, meet teachers and students and learn about all the programs offered there! 

Parent Night: How Electronics Impact the Human Brain

This school year Nebo School District is hosting Christy Kane, PhD, CMHC. There will be Parent Nights throughout the district this school year. On FEBRUARY 25, 2019 AT 7PM at Salem Hills High School, Dr. Kane will present clinical experience and scientific research to explain changes that take place in developing brains due to electronics. Please follow the link below for more information.


LOBO UPDATE 02/11/19

Parents, Students, and Friends -


Because of our recent lockout we needed to communicate through our alert system by text message to parents. We found there were some parents and guardians who did not receive the text message. As we researched the reasons this happened, we found that cell numbers were listed as residence in most cases. The system we use sees a residence phone number and thinks it is a landline, therefore, it will not send the message to that number.

SFJHS Choir Sings at Hockey Game

by Bryn Burningham

On Friday February 8, the Spanish Fork Junior High choirs went on a field trip to the Grizzlies Hockey Game in West Valley City. The buses left shortly after four and arrived with plenty of time to do a sound check, find their seats, and explore the Maverik Center. Just before the opening lineup, the choirs were brought out onto the ice. After the opening lineup was announced, the entire Grizzlies team warmed up on the ice, skating around the choirs.

Seventh-Graders Are Great Role Models

story and pictures by Rachel Freeze

Mrs. Freeze's class took a field trip to Riverview Elementary! For weeks, students have been learning and writing about one of their role models as well as investigating the question, "What makes a good role model?" Today, they got to put what they've learned into action!

Lobo Ballers Are District Boys’ Champions!

story and picture from Alec Carlson

This week was the District Boys basketball tournament.

It started with a tough battle against Diamond Fork on Monday where things did not always go our way. That didn't stop us from working hard and putting ourselves in the best situation for a big win.

Tuesday night was the championship game over at the high school: Spanish Fork Junior High School against Mapleton Junior. There was a huge crowd, but the players had been working hard and preparing themselves for just this moment.

Science Fair Winners Announced!

picture and story by Nate Bartholomew

Yesterday we completed our science fair at SFJHS. We are proud of the scientific research done by our students this year! Our first place winner this year was Katelynne Little with her project titled, "1, 2, 3, How Hard Can It Be?".  Second place winners were Madisyn Lott and Sophie Beehler with their project "Handwashing to the Test", and third place winners were Josh and Tanner Fraser, with their project, "Smoke on the Water". 

Congratulations to all students that participated in the SFJHS science fair and good luck to all participants in the Nebo District Fair next week!

Blackout Poetry in 7th Grade

by Landon Leatherwood

In Ms. Dannelly’s honors English class, the students are making blackout poetry using old books, newspapers, and magazines. Blackout poetry is where a poet takes a marker and goes over a page of a book or magazine blacking out words to create a new poem. Poets can even draw pictures on the paper relating to the poem and still show what the poem is saying.