9th Grade Students Explore Other Cultures

by Russ LeMmon

Our ninth-grade Honors Geography classes recently had an opportunity to attend a field trip to the Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork. 

The students were treated to a tour of the grounds including an introduction to the various animals and how the farm helps the temple be self-sufficient.  Students were then invited inside the temple where they participated in a presentation that focused on the culture of India and a few of the beliefs of Hinduism.  Afterwards, students were invited to the top of the temple were they received further instruction regarding the importance of religious mantras and participated in a yoga class. 

Following the tour, many students sampled the “tastes” of India by partaking of “Govinda’s Vegetarian Buffet.”   

The Social Studies Department feels that by experiencing other cultures, students can dispel preconceived myths, develop understanding and appreciation of others, and come to value their own culture even more.  We are grateful to temple priest Caru Das and his wife Vaibhavi Devi for providing a wonderful educational experience for our students, and for their kindness and hospitality each year.