Aida - A Tragic Love Story

Article written by: Maddie Shearer

            As this year’s musical Ms. Holley chose AIDA written by Elton John and Tim Rice

            This story is one originally told through an opera that was transformed into a Broadway musical with exciting, energetic and heart wrenching music.  Chosen to play the lead parts were me, Maddy Shearer as Aida, Zach Van Pelt as Radames, Erica Gebert as Amneris, and Joey Shearer as Mereb.  We were an ecstatic to have the opportunity to play such fantastic parts.  We couldn’t wait to tell this tragic love story to the audiences.  Here is how it goes:

            When Aida, the princess of Nubia, goes to the river banks with her fellow Nubians, She doesn’t expect what will happen. They are all captured by the Egyptians.  Egypt is Nubias sworn enemy.  Nubians are taken to Egypt and enslaved.  Aida must make sure that no Egyptians discover that she is the princess or else they will kill her.  Radames, the Egyptian captain, comes upon Aida and is intrigued by her courage and bravery and stubbornness. Aida falls for this Egyptian Captain. They have a love story like none other. There are a few problems here. Radames doesn’t know Aida is the Princess of Nubia. Aida can’t tell him. Radames is betrothed to the fashionable “spunky princess” Amneris. Radames is in love with Aida, not Amneris. Aida and Radames can’t be together. This story is tragic and heart wrenching and entertaining and exciting.

            Zach, Erica, and I became best friends throughout this show. We had a cast of about 90 people; technicians, stage managers, and actors and dancer included. Out stage manager, Erin Crane had a hard time controlling the huge group of energetic junior high kids, but she did a great job and the whole cast because really good friends. We were a good team and it took all of us to pull this show off. It also took a phenomenal director, choreographers, and just a major help. Miss Holley made sure everything was fabulous and it really was.