Antelope Island

by: James Hubbard

In October, Principal Fleming and Mr. Hubbard of Spanish Fork Junior High took 7th grade Honors students on a field trip to Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake.  On the bus trip to Antelope Island, students participated in a scavenger hunt to identify famous Utah landmarks along the way (including the recent Herriman burn).  Once at Antelope Island, park ranger Ron Taylor explained the unique and interesting history of the island.  Students were most interested in the story of the B.Y.U. movie “4 Robbing the Dead” that is currently being filmed on the island.  Then, students had an intense workout hiking to the top of Buffalo Point--but the view was amazing.  Animals sighted by students were a prong-horn antelope, two mule deer (sighted by Spencer Meschke), and several buffalo. The highlight of the trip was wading in the Great Salt Lake to collect salt water and brine shrimp samples to take home and analyze.  Wyatt Graham “accidentally” slipped into the lake and was soaked like a pickle in brine.  He was used to test the theory that it is impossible to sink in the lake.  Currently, students are conducting experiments at home on the salinity of the lake and the life expectancy of the tiny brine shrimp.  It was an awesome field trip to Utah’s most recognizable feature!