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April Teacher of the Month: Jesse Roberts

Submitted by david.thacker on Sat, 04/21/2012 - 12:12

Pop Quiz: Who spends his days teaching Social Studies at SFJHS and his nights coaching basketball at Spanish Fork High?  Who never gets to see his wife and children during the summer break because he is fighting fires in the Western USA?  Who spent two years in West Africa and had to be air lifted by marines to safety when rebels attacked during a civil war? If you answered Jesse Roberts, you get five bonus points!

            Jesse Roberts is truly the Renaissance Man of Spanish Fork Junior High. He has survived in Africa, is well-read, a fire fighter, a coach, a teacher, an amazing father, a devoted husband, serves his church, and is a trusted friend and colleague to all those who know him.

            Mr. LeMmon’s son was fortunate to have Mr. Roberts and recalls him as one of his favorite teachers because he knew that Mr. Roberts truly wanted him to succeed in class.  He said that Mr. Roberts is one of the nicest teachers he has had and he knew that he would always go out of his way to help him.  As a parent, Mr. LeMmon valued and appreciated Mr. Roberts’ efforts on his son’s behalf.  As he watched him take an interest in his son’s success and motivate him to want to learn more each day he came to firmly believe that Mr. Roberts has a passion for what he teaches, is genuinely interested in his students, and wants every one of his students to be successful in his class.

            Mr. Roberts has been the fearless leader of the Social Studies Department for so long he should have an endowment established in his honor.  He has been invaluable to his colleagues and to coaches in Nebo District. He is an amazing role model for our students.  He is a class act.