Assembly Schedule for Thursday, March 7

Assembly Schedule Thursday, March 7th

1st Period             8:00-8:40

2nd Period            8:45-9:25

          **No Pack Time**

3rd Period            9:30-10:10

4th period            10:15-10:55

1st Lunch             10:55-11:20

5th Period            11:25-12:05

5th period            11:00-11:40

2nd Lunch            11:40-12:05

6th period            12:10-2:00

Assembly  1:00-2:00 

7th Period            2:05-2:40

*Most teachers will view the assembly in their own classrooms through the internet on UEN,

See below for those teachers that will be in the Little Theater. One of the reasons for this is to reduce the number of connections to the streaming that we have. Please have the students in their seats by 12:55.

Little Theater:  Nelson, Morgan, Binks, Harman, Wendell, Carron-Campbell, Simonson, Zacharias