Cross Country

Esther Zacharias
Emma Runolfson leads the way
Hannah Oldham strong at the finish line
Lobo Boys starting
Lobo Girls starting
Porter Hall and Jeremy Lomenick keep a steady pace
Spencer Bailey, 1st to cross the finish line for the Lobos

Oct. 2, 2015- The Lobo cross country team went up against Mapleton Jr. and Springville Jr. in the last season race of the year. Our team did another great job! The first five Lobo boys across the finish line were Spencer Bailey (9:19), Ethan Binks (9:32), Coleman Crockett (9:33), Daxton Fredericks (9:42), and Brad Dixon (9:45). The first five Lobo girls were Josie Wright (11:01), Emma Runolfson (11:17), Hannah Oldham (11:49), Madalyn Gull (11:52), and Rainie Gardner (11:54). These athletes, along with all the entire Lobo cross country team has worked very hard this season. They can run harder and longer than before. For example, Zach Preece has shaved off 4 minutes from his race time. This is just one example of how our dedication and training is paying off.

 Special cross country dates:

We will be having a cross country group picture Thursday, Oct. 8th right after school. Please wear your new xc shirt. After the picture, we will be running a 5k together.

 District Finals will be held at Diamond Fork Jr. High, Tuesday, Oct. 13th. The race begins at 3:30.