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Cross Country Lobos—First to Cross the Finish Line!

Submitted by david.thacker on Mon, 10/29/2012 - 06:31
By Sydney White

The SFJH Lobo cross country team has competed in another amazing race and done well. On Friday the 28th of September, they competed against the Payson and Salem teams.  They ran around the Salem Jr. High, including the athletic fields, two times for the mile and one half course.  The girls ran first then the boys.  They were excited to run. 

The Lobos ran well and most improved their times.  The girls race was very close, and all the girls were very competitive.  Lexie Proctor placed fourth with a time of 10:21 and was one of two top 5 runners.  McKailee Bryson also placed in the top 5 with a time of 11:10. Close behind them was Ashlee Hunt placing 6th, and Maddie Burns placing 7th. These girls will not stop until they are quick enough to place 1st in every race.

The boy’s race was very close as well.  They made an amazing finish as our school proudly got 1st.  Heston Anderson earned first place with a time of 8:47 and was more than happy as he crossed the line.  Following very close behind was Nate Hanson earning a time of 9:09 and coming in 3rd place.  Those boys hope to keep their fast feet, and let all their team mates catch up so they can be the swiftest Lobos they can be!

Each Lobo wants to win every race, but it won’t be easy. With determination, they will be the greatest cross country team EVER!  Run fast Lobos!