Crystal Apple Winner

Congratulations to Mrs. Vanessa Heber, our Crystal Apple award winner for the 2014/15 school year. She was presented the award by Craig Harvey of Horace Mann insurance. These are just a few of the wonderful things that her coworkers had to say about her:

"Vanessa is a passionate advocate for her students and works at a feverish pace. She maintains a warm and safe classroom environment for her students. She collaborates well with her department and always offers to share materials and resources. Heck, she even ran a mile in front of the whole school!" 

"Drive by school on a Saturday and you're likely to see Vanessa's car in the parking lot. She's not here because she dinked around during the week and now needs to catch up. She's here because she's going the extra mile for her students. Vanessa knows her students' needs and their strengths. Because of scheduling problems, her first pod of sevies is gigantic--a challenge for any content area but especially challenging for English/Language Arts where one on one conferencing is essential. She provides a nurturing environment for her students--have you checked out her room? Finally, she is a dream to collaborate with, offering significant insights into our practice as teachers and supporting her colleagues professionally and personally. Positivity oozes from her. I have always left her room feeling better about myself, my practice, and my students capabilities."