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Custodians Add Sparkle To Our School

Submitted by david.thacker on Tue, 12/06/2011 - 07:38
By Victoria Thomas—Editor-in-Chief

Have you noticed how clean our school is lately? Have you taken the time to thank the wonderful custodians for all the hard work they put into this school?

Recently The Lobo Howl had the opportunity to interview the two custodian here at out school, Jonni Franz ( custodian here for 6 years and previously at Payson High for 18 years) and Charlene Montague (custodian here for 6 years and a previous lunch lady for 23 years). We asked them what they appreciate students do to help make their job easier. Jonni asks that we help by cleaning up after ourselves and by not deliberately making messes. Also that we be respectful and keep our school nice. Charlene would like to ask us to keep ink off the floor, it takes a long time to clean up. She also would like to acknowledge and thank us for keeping the halls much cleaner this year.

The Lobo Howl wanted to get to know the custodians a little better so we asked a few questions about themselves.

Jonni enjoys prime rib, the color red, 4-Wheeling, hunting, fishing and camping. Her favorite season is summer and she loves thanks giving. Her favorite restaurant is Café Rio and she enjoys listing to anything by Vern Gosden. Something Jonni has always wanted to do is go on a cruise. Her fist job was being a guide at a tourist information center in Payson at age 14. Jonni would rather be a custodian at a Jr. High then Elementary, or High School. Be sure Thank her for all the hard work she has dedicated to this school! 

Charlene enjoys spaghetti, the color lavender, and watching old movies. Her favorite season is spring and she enjoys Christmas. Her favorite song is, “He stopped loving her today” by George Johns and she enjoys eating at the Cracker Barrel. Something Charlene has always wanted to do is travel more. Her first job was working in a grocery store. If Charlene had to choose between being a custodian at a elementary, Jr. High, or High School she would choose Jr. High. Charlene is a wonderful custodian so be sure and thank her for all her hard work and dedication she puts towards our school.

Our custodians are absolutely wonderful at their job and we would like to thank them for all they have done  here at our school. Be sure and take the time when you pass them in the hall or see them at lunch to say thanks. They really do appreciate it. Once again “Thank You” for all your hard work!