Danny Badger and Others Run for Salem Cross Country

By Janelle Slater—Assistant School News Editor

“It’s hard on me. . . but yeah, it’s fun,” was among the things Danny Badger said about being on SHHS Cross Country Team.  He, along with three others from SFJHS, joined Salem Hill’s Cross Country Team.  So far they have had three meets: the Pre-Region Invitational, the Utah County Invitational and the Grass Relays.  At press time, they were looking forward to going to the Wasatch Invitational on Saturday, September 10th, at Solider Hollow.

After interviewing Danny Badger, this reporter was able to learn a little bit about cross country meets and how they are done.  Athletes run around two to three miles at a meet.  At some of the meets, including their upcoming meet, they run mainly up hill.  Usually they don’t have very many hills, but the courses are always different.

At practices runners warm up similar to regular P.E.  They also run laps around the track and go around the trail they have near Salem Hills High School. 

So far, the cross country team has been doing great.  They have lots of meets to come and lots of time to work hard and improve.  Good luck guys!