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Early Morning Jazz Band

Submitted by david.thacker on Thu, 02/21/2013 - 10:48

Every morning around seven o’clock, Jazz Band students come to school.  Hand-picked by SFJHS band teacher Mr. Wendell picks, students learn then perform Jazz music.  Currently, they are working on songs entitled Doxy, Martinique, All Blues, and Plunger Power.

The Lobo Howl asked Mr. Wendell what the students have to do in order to get into Jazz Band.  “Students need to be well disciplined, be good musicians, they need to have a love for music, and they need to be brave in order to do solos,” he explained. 

When asked what instruments play in the Jazz Band he said, “In our school’s Jazz Band we have the piano, drums, guitar, bass, trumpets, and an alto sax.” He explained further, “We play Pop, Rock, Blues, Swing, and Latin music.”

According to Mr. Wendell, students don’t seem to mind getting up a bit early to play in Jazz Band--they love coming to play.  If you enjoy the smooth sounds of Jazz, you might consider joining the Jazz Band.