Eclipse 2017 - Cross-Curricular Connection: Science and English

Jerry Whiting, Gaylynn Parker. Photos by Heather Mendonsa. All students have given permission to be quoted.

On Monday, August 21, SFJHS students enjoyed watching the solar eclipse outside on the south lawn. The science teachers had created viewing projectors and viewing boxes, so even those who did not have solar eclipse rated glasses, could still see the moon eclipse the sun. 

7th Grade English students have an opportunity this week to read their first article of the month titled “What is an Eclipse?” This will be the first of many cross-curricular connections for SFJHS students this year. 

Several students had the opportunity to travel out of state to witness the total eclipse. Andrew Heap said, “It was indescribable. You were even able to see stars and planets, including Mercury, which not very many people see because it is so close to the sun. I would travel long distances to see that again.” Trenton Spencer said, “Thirty minutes before the eclipse, it started to get really cold and dark. Then when it was total, the sun was totally blocked and the sun's atmosphere was white. Right before it ended, there was a bright white light and it warmed up very quickly.” Adam Blake said, “It was the best experience of my whole summer. Can’t wait 'til 2045!!!!!!!”