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Eleven Students Meet Mrs. Anderson’s Writer’s Workout Challenge

Submitted by david.thacker on Fri, 01/15/2016 - 07:44
By Susan Anderson with Rillene Nielsen

We hear eleven of Mrs. Susan Anderson’s English students deserve a special pat on the back.  Here’s the report Mrs. Anderson sent us:

“With the promise of pizza, these students persevered to successfully complete their Writer's Workout Challenge. In addition to any other homework, these students, dedicated to improving their writing, wrote for an extra 20 minutes a day for at least 20 days though the month of December. Not only did they exercise the small muscles in their hands, but they especially strengthened their large muscle in their head. Eating pizza and pop in front of the class, yeah that's a pretty good reward, but it does not touch the remarkable achievement of becoming better writers.”

And who are these go-the-extra-mile students? 

8th grade: Abby Bartholomew, Wayne Blaylock, Caitlyn Irwin (in picture), and Stockton Peterson

7th grade: Gracie Gomez, Rachel Herbert, Britton Lawrence, Maklain Shepherd, Brad Stevens, Katlyn Swan, and Michael Wyss

Way to go Lobo Writers!