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Fall Hike

Submitted by david.thacker on Fri, 09/23/2016 - 12:43
by Garrett Johnson

Early Friday morning 9 brave students joined the PE/Health Dept. teachers for an awesome hike.  Much preparation had been put in by all to be able to go on the hike.  Each student completed a physical test and a hand written test on back country safety.  The group arrived at the Loafer trail head at 6:30am and the hike began.  Though it was dark and cold for the first half hour you still knew you were surrounded by beauty.  As the sun finally poked out from behind the mountain the colors of the changing leaves were magnificent.  Stopping to take in the beauty we all hiked as a group.  We made it to the saddle (halfway point) around 9:00am where we took a good 20 minute break.  AS we continued on we spotted several deer and even spotted some mountain goats just before we reached the top of the mountain.  We took a great break at the top pausing to eat lunch and take in the beauty.  We made ir down the mountain safely and loaded the bus.  This was a great experience for all involved and hope that many students will continue to want to be involved in the future as we continue to do this!