Girls’ Hoops to Start

By Janelle Slater—Assistant School News Editor

Since October 17th, girls from our school have been going to open gym to practice their basketball skills. Each day, 15 to 23 girls have shown up. Open gym went until November 4, and tryouts for the team were held on November 7th-10th.

The new head coach for the girl’s basketball team is Lauren Moss. Her assistant is Coach Nate Bartholomew. Once the team is put together, they will practice for two hours Mondays through Fridays.

“All the girls that have been coming out have been working hard to improve their skills and get in shape,” Coach Moss said. “I’ve been impressed by the hard work, their efforts to compete with each other to make each other better, and their great attitudes.”

“Basketball is a sport that I’m passionate about because it is fast-paced, competitive, and requires players to work as a team to be successful,” Moss continues. “I also like it because any player can and will improve their skills through diligent practice and focus.” Moss added that basketball is “a great in-door activity during the cold winter months and will help athletes stay in shape and prepare for spring sports.”

Good luck to all of the girls trying out for the team and look in our next issue for those girls who made the team.