Girls Who Code Club

by Sophie Beck

The Girls Who Code club is a great way to have fun, be with friends, and learn about technology. 

Mrs. Mendonsa, a 7th grade science teacher, has made a fun club called Girls Who Code. "A fun and innovative way to play and learn, at the same time!" Agrees Mrs. Mendonsa.      

How does it work? Well on Thursdays during pack time, girls go into room number 43, Mrs. Mendonsas room, grab a chrome book and sit down. Mrs. Mendonsa, has found this program so that the girls at SFJH can come in and code. Ellie Wheeler, (7th) says" It is very fun, and there is so much to do, you never get bored!" Hannah Clegg, (7th) says, "It is awesome! It doesn't even need a big explanation, it really is just awesome!" 

What are the girls learning from this club? Well Mrs. Mendonsa explains “the girls are learning that they can code, and that coding, and computers are fun!" And the SFJH Lobo Girls Who Code Club, agrees!