Honors Math Field Trip

by Sandra Coxson
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On Thursday, February 20th, 108 of our honors math students had the opportunity to attend the BYU Engineering and Technology Expo at BYU.  Three teachers and seven parent volunteers accompanied them.  For the first two hours of the day, half of the students visited the interactive booths and the other half participated in the competitions.  Different clubs and organizations in the BYU Engineering departments had set up booths to show students careers and real-world applications associated with Engineering.  Many gave students hands-on opportunities to explore aspects of the fields.  Competitions included the Egg Drop competition - students had to protect an egg so that when dropped from a tall ladder it would not crack or break; the Bridge Building competition - students had to build a self-sustaining bridge out of paper; a water competition - students had to get a drop a water through a maze without it being sucked up by sponges; a balloon blowing competition; and a trajectory competition.  After the first two hours, we stopped by the Cougar Food Court to eat lunch.  Following lunch, we went on a tour of the labs and were able to listen to and ask questions of Engineering students.  The three labs we visited were the Solar Airplane lab, the Auto Racing lab and the Water Flume lab.  It was a great experience for students to see how subjects they are studying right now will be used in careers they may choose in the future.