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Honors U.S. History Field Trip

Submitted by david.thacker on Tue, 11/19/2013 - 07:54
by Larrin Jensen

Mrs. Peterson’s honors history class got the privilege of going to The Crandall Historic Printing Museum in Provo. We were welcomed by the founder of the museum and 2 other caretakers. Their humorous spirit and love for their job made the trip not only a learning experience, but engaging as well.

We were first met with an introduction of how the process of printing went back farther than we could imagine. We learned that printing has been around since the time of Adam and Eve; they wrote the scriptures on rocks and stones. Examples of these historic stones were right in front of us, close enough to touch and we could touch them. We were informed that this enthralling place was more than a look museum, but it was a touch museum. We were encouraged to touch everything we could.

Next, we were shown the exact process of how each individual text, or letter, was made. The ways of printing became more fascinating than any of us had ever thought as the smallest letter stamps were passed around to examine closer. We realized that printing is more than putting ink on paper; it is inventions, hard work, and dedication to the job.

As we watched the printing, a small dog ran around the room, taking turns being held by dog-loving students. We all smiled and laughed to ourselves as the dog ran around the room, waiting to see who would hold it next.

We later traveled a few steps and crammed into a small room, which had the capacity of 15 and was holding 30. There we learned, and relearned, about the life and accomplishments of Benjamin Franklin. Many well known stories were told about the beginning of our united nation.

 Lastly, we learned about something close to our hearts. In a new room, we talked about the printing of the Book of Mormon. We discovered that 5,000 of these precious books were printed. Wonderful stories filled our ears, then minds. We were able to see the interesting inventions that helped produce the Book of Mormon. These ideas that became inventions made the creation of 5,000 copies of our most treasured book possible.

Those who didn’t go on this field trip might say that we only went to a printing museum; but really, we took a travel through time. We all realized that printing is more than it seems. It is a way of life to the men at the museum who have been printing since age 14. And it is truly how our nation became one. On this trip, we gained a new perspective for printing and how it created our world; it is a perspective that we will never forget.