Lady Don Juliana Millet Loves Soccer

By Kelsie Christensen—Features Editor

The Lobo Howl had the opportunity to interview Juliana Millet, number 34 on the Spanish Fork High School girls' soccer team. Juliana started playing soccer when she was in 3rd grade. She decided to play soccer because all of her friends were doing it. When she got the chance, she decided to join club soccer even though her friends didn't.

On the high school team, she plays defense, wing, and center mid positions. “I enjoy the intensity, and bond shared by a team. I enjoy the wins and celebrations, as well as the losses and lessons learned”, Juliana exclaimed. Her inspiration is Pele, a famous Brazilian that played for the Santos and the New York Cosmos.

Juliana's biggest fear is that minor injuries can have a big impact on her play. Before every game, the team will always say a cheer then they run out onto the field and get into positions. After wins she always celebrates by screaming at the top of her lungs and jumping up and down. She would go pro if given the opportunity as long as it didn’t impact her life too much.