Lemonade Stand a Success For Spanish Fork Girl And Children's Justice Center

by Shelby Slade of the Daily Herald

NOTE:  SFJH was excited to see one of its students spotlighted today in the Daily Herald.  Ms. Slade was contacted, and her story is used here with permission.


This summer, 12-year-old Audrey Justice was hard at work running a lemonade stand in Spanish Fork.

Audrey spent her summer vacation mixing lemonade and selling it by the cup to raise $1,000 for the Utah County Children’s Justice Center in Provo.

She said the project, which she completed in the beginning of September, taught her a lot of things including how to run a business and how to manage money.

“I learned to be smart with money,” she said. “I had to be able to know how much lemonade costs because I had to be able to keep it balanced.”

Audrey said she enjoyed seeing the money she was making accumulate because she knew it was going to support a good cause. 

“It was really fun to see how much I was able to make in a day,” she said.

Stacy Justice, Audrey’s mom, said she was very proud of what her daughter was able to do with her time this summer.

“A kid her age putting in the hours knowing they weren’t getting something out of it,” she said. “It was a lot of hard work but a really good life lesson.”

Audrey said she chose to support the Children’s Justice Center, which supports children and families dealing with abuse, because of the impact it makes in the community.

“We were reading of a bunch of charities and that one stuck out because my last name is Justice,” Audrey said. “We were reading about it and I really liked the cause.”

Rebecca Martell, director of the Children’s Justice Center, said they try to make it as easy as possible for children to talk about the abuse they have experienced during an investigation.

“It’s a safe, warm comfortable environment where a child can feel safe talking about their experiences,” Martell said.

Martell said the center relies on donations a lot, and Audrey’s donation stuck out to her.

“I was astounded when I was contacted by her that a 12-year-old wanted to raise money for our charity in her community,” she said. “I was floored when she was able to raise that money.”