Let’s Obey Computer Lab Rules

By Jacob Hardman

If you go to a computer lab during Pack Time, you might catch students playing Minecraft, and/or watching You-Tube Videos.

Using the computer labs is a privilege and I don't want to lose it.  We all need to think carefully about the things we watch and do in these labs.

As I’ve observed students using the computer labs I’ve notice some labs don’t seem to have this problem. Often, teachers use a computer program that allows them to see what the students are doing. It’s good that teachers are able to look out for problems, but it would be better if we could monitor ourselves.  Sadly this isn’t always the case.

Take, for example, what I observed in one lab.  A student boasts to some of their friends that the he or she can get past the web protection and watch You-Tube at school.  The friends don’t believe it, so the student logs in to You-Tube. Astonished, the friends ask how it was done.  The student shows them, and immediately everybody knows how to get on You-Tube.

In some labs, teachers give students permission to play a few select games that are appropriate and help students learn.  But even the most observant teacher can be miss a student determined to disobey.   And unfortunately, when these students are caught, they often cause the privileges for the rest of us to be removed.

Using the computer labs is a privilege, one I don't want to lose.  Please remember to obey the rules so that we don't have lose the trust we’ve been given.