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Let’s Review—A Great Year So Far!

Submitted by david.thacker on Thu, 01/30/2020 - 05:59
By: Weston Drysdale (Student)

First semester goes out with a BANG with so much memorable and fun stuff to look back on.

 Starting at the beginning of the year, we had our Shakespeare team competitions, and they did GREAT! Not long after that, we had Fall Break, which I think everyone can agree was awesome!

 Following Fall Break, we had Red Ribbon Week, and we all teamed up against drugs and had a fun-filled week with activities and assemblies. Not long after we had our Fall Carnival/Dance, which was awesome! We had a ton of people show up and a great night filled with dancing and laughter.

 A couple days later, we had Veterans Day. This day was great as we had an amazing assembly and we were able to recognize those who have or are serving our country to keep us safe. Thank you, Veterans!

 After that, we had Thanksgiving Break, and most people probably ate much more than expected.

 Once we came back from Thanksgiving Break, we had Penny Wars. The Penny Wars week was filled with laughter and a ton of competition, and ended with Coach Carlson pulling out the last minute win, which was pretty amazing!

 Soon after, Christmas Break came and went, and we all wished it were longer. But we are so blessed to be able to go to school and get an education still have so much fun while learning.

 Let's hear from some of our own students and what they loved about the first semester. Taven Ramirez (7th grade) said, “My favorite part was making new friends.'' Mack Bramall (7th grade) stated “I loved the orchestra concerts.” Isaac Porray (8th grade) said, “I loved the parties we had in class.” I think we can all agree that we had a great semester and more fun is on its way without a doubt!