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Llamas Were Just One Highlight of Krishna Fieldtrip

Submitted by david.thacker on Fri, 11/18/2011 - 13:01
By Victoria Thomas—Editor-in-Chief

Recently, around 100 lucky students got the opportunity to visit the Hari Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork, UT. This fieldtrip was put together by Mr. Lemmon to give students a glimpse into the Hindu religion.

There were two fieldtrips, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon.  The students got to experience were a vegetarian buffet and a presentation on Hinduism including some fun facts: like 3 ways to get on an Indians good side and that 18 different languages are spoken in India. They also got a short yoga lesson in which they learned a simple way of meditation. After that they explored the temple grounds walking and feeding llamas and see the other animals including peacocks, coy fish, and a few birds. Then back to the buses for a five minute ride home.

The Lobo Howl asked a few students what their favorite experience was at the temple. Kelsie Christensen said, “Probably the llamas.” And Delaney Wilcox agreed saying, “The llamas or yoga.” Jackson Martin replied, “The llamas!!!!!!!!!!!! And it was kind of interesting to learn about such a culture, and the yoga was most amazing.”

Overall everyone had a great time. Be sure and thank Mr. Lemmon for all his hard work he put into this. Great job Mr. Lemmon! Hope you can pull it off next year too!