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Lobo Update 02/05/2018

Submitted by alesha.lemmon on Mon, 02/05/2018 - 21:43

Parents, Students, and Friends –

January was a busy month for the students at SFJHS! We finished out our wrestling season; continued our basketball season; sent attendees to Nebo’s junior high youth board meeting. We celebrated students of the month. The orchestra played in concert with American Idol stars; we remembered Martin Luther King, Jr.; and began rehearsing the school musical. We found joy in our annual HOPE week activities; finished Term 2; and FFA attended the Wasatch Back judging. We went on educational field trips, performed in, and listened to the Nebo Youth Symphony. Most importantly, teachers taught amazing lessons giving students opportunities to learn and grow in all academic areas. We thank you for trusting all of the teachers, technicians, lunch ladies, bus drivers, custodians, coaches, secretaries, administrators, and counselors to help your student succeed and thrive. February, here we come! 


Have you ever wondered what the Advanced Learning Center is and what you can do there? Registration for the ALC field Trip goes from now until February 23rd. You will see the many classes you can take learn how the classes can give you college credit while still in high school! Our school will be attending the morning session. Sign up now in the counseling office because we have only 60 slots available. 


Our school science fair will be held Wednesday and Thursday, February 6th and 7th in the library.  Judging for the fair will be conducted from 1st to 4th periods on Wednesday.  Awards will be presented during 7th period (Wednesday).  The open house for viewing projects will be on Thursday during the school day.  


Unfortunately, it has become a more and more common occurrence that parents are calling their students during class. If you need to contact your student, please call the front office or text them. When students receive phone calls from parents during class, they think it is an emergency and they need to answer which causes a disruption for the entire class. So please remind your students about good phone etiquette. Thank you!

Nebo District electronics policy JDE states:

Student use of electronic devices must adhere to the following rules and guidelines: Electronic devices may be used during a class period or school activity when specifically approved by the teacher or a school administrator in conjunction with educationally appropriate objectives. A teacher or school administrator should only authorize the use of electronic devices during a class period or other school activities when it benefits and enhances the students’ education. Such matters may be addressed in a disclosure document provided by the teacher outlining class rules, procedures, and expectations.


February 6th: District Basketball Tournament, Science Fair judging and awards

February 7th: School Community Council 12:00, Science Fair open house

February 9th: MIDTERM

February 13th-15th: PTA Scholastic Book Fair

February 15th: Parent Teacher Conferences