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Lobo Update 12/3/14

Submitted by david.thacker on Wed, 12/03/2014 - 16:06

Parents, Students and Friends

Parent Teacher Conferences Tomorrow
Parent Teacher Conferences will be held tomorrow, Thursday, December 4th from 3:00 – 8:00p.m. Please be advised that teachers will take a dinner break in two groups at 5:30 and 6:00p.m. You may want to adjust your plans accordingly to avoid longer wait times during the dinner break. This is a great time to visit with teachers and discuss how your student(s) is(are) doing in class.  Teachers will be in the cafeteria, but before you head in there, please stop at the counseling table to pick up a copy of your student's midterm grade report.  The counseling table will be set up at the main entrance of the school, outside of the main office.

Penny Wars
Beginning Monday Dec 8th and continuing for two weeks all students are invited to participate in Penny Wars sponsored by NJHS! Contribute silver change or cash bills to your second period class and it counts for your class - any pennies contributed by others to your class will count against you.  So… feel free to bring your pennies to slow other classes down. All funds raised through this event will be donated to the Nebo Credit Union - Warm the Souls campaign. The winning class will receive a fun prize so let’s get excited and have a great Penny War competition!

Crosswalk Safety
Please be aware that the crosswalk heading east from the Jr. High is on the corner of 820 E and 600 S. We ask all students going east as school is released in the afternoon to please use only the cross walk - For student safety never cross 820 E. outside of the crosswalk!

Air Quality Indicator Flag
Notice in our front window the air quality indicator flag. Green means a good air day, yellow and orange let you know that precautions should be taken for outdoor activity, red or purple are a warning of bad air conditions and time spent outdoors should be limited.

SFJHS Storytelling Festival Auditions
Come audition for the storytelling festival - Auditions will be held during pack time beginning Monday, December 8th. Sign up with your English teacher and they will get you all the rules and regulations.

Upcoming SFJHS Activities:
• Dec 4 - Parent Teacher Conferences - 3:00 to 8:00p.m.
• Dec 8 - Boys/Girls B-Ball vs Mt. Nebo @ Home 3:30p.m.
• Dec 9 - Drama I - Class Plays 7:00p.m.
• Dec 10 - Boys B-Ball vs Provo @ Home 3:30p.m.
• Dec 10 - Girls B-Ball @ Timpview 3:30p.m.
• Dec 10 - Wrestling @ Springville Jr. 3:30p.m.
• Dec 10 - Drama I - Class Plays 7:00p.m.
• Dec 11 - Drama II - Class Plays 7:00p.m.
• Dec 12 - Drama III - Class Plays 7:00p.m.