Lobos Pin Their Prey

By Lizzy Cerenzie, reporter

SFJHS wrestlers finished out the season on top! As a result of the wrestlers' excellent performances during the season, many of them placed in the top brackets at state. Some of those athletes chose to work through crippling injuries that would have stopped lesser athletes from competing.

The Lobo Howl interviewed Ethan Morley, and Braxton Merriweather, both members of the junior high wrestling team.

Ethan, a middle weight wrestler, pulled a muscle in his neck and injured his knee.  Still, he competed in the tournaments.

Ethan's fastest pin was 11 seconds! His dad, who is a former wrestler, encouraged him.  Wrestling is now Ethan's favorite sport.

Ethan enjoys learning new moves, so he can better his technique. He personally thinks the most important thing both he and his team need to fix is their head position.   Ethan thinks the most challenging part of the sport is usually your mental attitude and perspective. A wrestler can either psych themselves out or push through the mental challenge.

Some wrestlers that made it to the top brackets at state were:  Braxton Merriweather, Jess Barclay, Bo Jensen, and Austin Davis.

Braxton and Ethan said that their biggest support came from their families. A special thanks to all the parents and families that have supported these young athletes and made it possible for them to be a part of the team. Great season guys!