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Lobos Shine at District Track Meet

Submitted by david.thacker on Fri, 05/17/2019 - 07:42
by Kate Ethington

Here at Spanish Fork Junior High, our Track Team recently competed at the District Track Meet at Salem Hills High School! Our track team had 6 quick Lobos chosen to run in each event. The runners have been working very hard all season to qualify for this meet. Those who qualified competed in relays, sprinting races, long distance races, and field events. The first day was the semi-finals, and on the second day the relays and finals competed. Not to mention a shout out to our fierce Girls Medley Team!! By winning by an landslide, they made the 200 meter by 200 meter by 400 meter by 800 meter race look easy! This track meet is especially fun because kids always tie their hammocks underneath the bleachers! This provided shade and comfort for our mighty Lobos! After the meet, the athletes got on the bus, rode to Sip’n, bought drinks, and then played at the library park for the rest of the day! An overall win for our speedy track team!