A Look into History

by Conner Campbell

*Topaz, Utah 1942 – Hundreds of Japanese-Americans just arrived at their new home. They are clueless on how long they will be here or even what it’s going to be like. A few years later, it’s time to leave. They pack up and resume their life elsewhere. Not everything was taken and many things were left behind, soon to be forgotten. Seventy years later, a group of students want to dig up these forgotten treasures and listen to the stories they tell. One of the students, Conner Campbell, says, “It gives you a weird feeling walking on the same gravel walkway that the terrorized Japanese walked and holding the same marbles or bottle caps that they held. The students got to experience what the Japanese had to live with. They got to go inside a restored bedroom that the Japanese-Americans stayed in and walk around in the desert where the barracks had been." The students were moved by what they did and had a great experience taking a look into history.

*Topaz was a Japanese internment camp near Delta, Utah. It was named after Topaz Mountain.