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March Teacher of the Month: Cheryl Brown

Submitted by david.thacker on Thu, 03/22/2012 - 10:57

            Who has organized hundreds of parent meetings over the years, taught countless lessons for CTE and other classes, lead numerous student help sessions, prepared and passed out a gazillion GPA certificates, and organized the annual SFJHS Awards Assembly since its inception?  If you answered Spanish Fork Junior High’s amazing counselor Mrs. Brown you get five bonus points!

            While most of what Mrs. Brown accomplishes may be thought of as being “behind the scenes” at SFJHS, we would now like to shed some LIGHT on the many things she does to make our school a great place for not only students and parents but also for her colleagues.  Mrs. Brown has been with SFJHS for 26 years—first as a geography teacher and then as our school counselor.  While she has had numerous offers over the years from other schools, she had chosen to remain a “Lobo” and continue to help students with their challenges and realize their dreams.

            While the Counseling Department might be thought of a place to change classes, much of Mrs. Brown’s successes are quietly celebrated by the student, parent, and herself. Over the years she has listened with a concerned heart to thousands of stories followed by thoughtful actions too resolve issues and to help students deal with the stresses of junior high and all that confronts them as a teenager.

            Perhaps Mrs. Brown’s greatest attribute is her contagious smile which can tame and diffuse the most intense situations.  She has never sought any type of recognition for her efforts on behalf of the Spanish Fork Junior High community.  That testifies of the true selfless character of this great educator and colleague.  She is very deserving of this recognition.