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Math Mentors Munch Pizza

Submitted by david.thacker on Sun, 11/10/2013 - 11:11
Rillene R. E. Nielsen

SFJH has quite a few Mathletes.  And they don’t hid their talent-they share it with other students during Pack Time as peer tutors.To honor their skill and prowess, the administration hosted a pizza lunch for our math mentors.  As you can see, a good time was had by all.  Thank you SFJH Mathletes! 

Below are the names of those who routinely help in the Math Lab:


Emma James

Talia Mckinney

Evan Barber

Madelyn Beehler

Matthew Boyack

James Dawe

Rachel Hancock

Jacks Jeppson

Justin Lucas

Madeleine Riding

Laine Romney

Cody Seamons

Marcus Smiley

Kade Winsor

Sierra Young

Bailee Argyle

Hannah Baller

Alexis Johns

Lizzy Cerenzie

Amanda Gould

Justin Blake

Nate Chandler

Dillon Muirbrook

William Paxton

Eric Stauffer

Kade Cope

Katie Phipps

Samuel Bryson

Nate Hanson

Rachel Hicken

Karson Jensen

Brady Lewis

Brynn Lewis

Jackson Mortenson

Max Scholes

Mckenzie Whitelock

Devon Ethington

Annabelle Beck

Parriss Rose

Bethany Cheatham

Ana Garcia

Andrew Stamm

Bailey Wilson

Victoria Wood

Laura Zambrano

Wyatt Baum

Nate Matis

Nathan Bennett

Oran Croft

Abbie Dart

Skyler Walser

Camilla Cahill

Jewel Carter

Amy Guenther

Andrea Hansen

Spencer Cable

Gavin Henry

Sarah Oliverson

MacKenzie Pulley

Caden Betts

Allison Binks

Lily Bingham

Sarah Cobb

Bridger Clayson

Brittany Gardner

Devin King

EJ Pohahau

Tyerell Przybycien

Jasmine Sanchez

Dallin Smith

Drew Swasey

Haley Bubnis

Tyler Fry

Gabe Montesino