Math Problems of the Week - 8/18/14

Spanish Fork Jr. has begun a fun activity called "Math Problem of the Week." Students and faculty are presented a math problem and challenged to find the correct answer. Those that submit a correct answer wo Mrs. Coxson are then able to pick a treat from her room. Our first weeks winners who solved the problem are: Sam Ashworth, Jack Bayless, Devin Berns, Topher Biding, Lock Brown, Payton Christensen, Abbey Colledge, Lacey Gardner, Katie Guenther, Andrew Gunyan, Cody Herbert, Katey Huntsman, Amanda Insalaco, Brock Johnson, Natalie Kuhni, Robert Lapray, Mason Olson, Morgan Olson, Haylee Orton, Presleigh, Peterson, Logan Smith, Axuray Talbot, Calister Timothy, Rachelle Udy, and Yugain Yucker.

The problem(s) they solved were:

Cindy had a party and invited 2 guests.  Each guest invited 4 more guests and each of those guests invited 3 guests.  How many people were invited to Cindy’s party?


At Leslie’s party ¼ of the people had long hair.  One half of the people at the party were boys and ¼ of the girls had short blond hair.  None of the boys had long hair. If there were 32 guests, what is the maximum number of girls who could have short red hair?