May Teacher of the Month - Mrs. Chris Thompson

Chris Thompson has been selected by her peers to be the teacher of the month for May at SFJHS.  Mrs. Thompson is one of our “go to” people.  She is full of energy and always willing to help out or even perform when necessary.  She is a dedicated teacher and loves her job.  She inspires her students to reach their potential and they love and respect her.

Mrs. Thomson graduated from BYU.  She spends her spare time being a wife and mother; coaching basketball; track or playing on sports teams.  She is a true Jazz fan.

Her teaching philosophy is:  Anything can be presented in an interesting way.  It is my job to create “interesting”.

One of her colleagues stated, “Chris Thompson is an awesome colleague.  She's quick to act and slow to judge.  Her love for writing is refreshing as is her endeavor to get students, who like mules, sometimes refuse to learn, to pull their share of the load.  She's great to bounce ideas off, and when they come caroming back, they are usually better.  Chris is a good friend.”

 Mrs. Thompson is a great asset to our school.  We are so fortunate to have her as one of our dedicated teachers.