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Meet Your Lobo Howl Staff

Submitted by david.thacker on Fri, 09/28/2012 - 14:14
By Jacks Jeppson

Mrs. Nielsen and this year’s journalism class are glad to announce that we will continue to publish the Lobo Howl.  For all the seventh graders out there, the Lobo Howl is our incredibly awesome, school wide newspaper. We have reporters that will cover basically anything and everything that involves Spanish Fork Junior High that is newsworthy.  We will try to have new editions out every other week.

The Journalism staff consits of three ninth graders, six eighth graders and four seventh graders.  Mrs. Nielsen will also make contributions to the Lobo Howl. The Sevies on the staff are Madison Welling, Jordan Gull, Mateen Lomax, and Sydney White.  These students will serve as reporters.

The eighth graders on the staff include Nate Chandler, Jacks Jeppson, Taten Knapp, Jared Krupa, Chase Norda and, Alexis Proctor. All of the eighth graders will also be reporters but Alexis and Nate are also editors.

Ninth graders on the staff include Tristan Anderson, Jacob Hardman, and Sawyer Hamilton.  Jacob is the editor for activities, Sawyer is the features editor, Alexis heads up the sports section, and Nate is school news editor.  Tristan is our Editor in Chief.

This year we will be accepting editorials and article suggestions from students outside the staff.   An editorial is an article expressing a personal opinion on a certain subject. If you are interested in either of these things, please talk to a staff member or Mrs. Nielsen in room 23.

Mrs. Nielsen and the journalism staff are very excited to continue to write and publish the Lobo Howl. Make sure to keep reading our informal and awesome articles.