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Mr. Rich Trimble named March Teacher of the Month

Submitted by david.thacker on Wed, 03/09/2011 - 13:23
by: Kim Trimble

Mr. Trimble has been employed at Nebo District for over 30 years, only teaching at Spanish Fork Junior High. He has taught 6th through 9th grade, Health, PE, writing and science. During that time he continued to grow his gymnastics club and now has 3 buildings full of little tumblers. Gymnastics is Mr. Trimbles passion.

Mr. Trimble has taught his students while standing on desks, doing hand stands, using funny voices, playing guitar, and telling silly stories. His wife is often asked how he can stand teaching 9th graders. She will  always say "it is because he is crazier then they are. He really fits right in."

All in all Mr. Trimble was born to be a teacher and a coach. Few people get to do what they really love. We at Spanish Fork Jr. High are  grateful Mr. Trimble is one of them.