Mrs. Kaye Brockbank wins the Crystal Apple award

Joe Anson

As with most of our wonderful faculty, Kaye Brockbank is under-rated and under-appreciated although over-deserving and over-qualified to win the Crystal Apple Award.

Without a doubt, Kaye is one of the kindest, most selfless teachers and human beings.  She consistently gives of herself—her time, resources, and talents—to build up those around her.  She willingly helps out when others are in a pinch, even when she doesn't have to. Kaye is willing to go the extra mile for her students, her colleagues, and her family. All of her hard work and effort is appreciated. 

Kaye is always ready to help regardless of what it is. She takes time out of her busy day no matter the situation.  She is a first rate teacher.  With all her “spare” time, Kaye constantly works to improve herself and those around her.  Her knowledge and dedication are invaluable.  She has served on several student and faculty committees, including those sometimes deemed less desirable by others.  Her dedication to professional development is yet another example as to her devotion to becoming the best she can be.  Her endless sense of sacrifice shines as an example to all.  Even last night at the poetry slam, she took a turn holding the spotlight so others could shine.

We are privileged to have such a wonderful colleague and friend.